Whether it’s custom clothing or mass market, Gerber Technology is always in style

Clothing manufacturers and fashion designers who want to be competitive in the apparel industry know that Gerber’s software and hardware solutions are the must-have accessories for global brands. Since we first automated the fashion and apparel industry over 50 years ago, Gerber has continuously revolutionized digitally connected solutions to maximize production quality and help customers get to market faster, smarter and better than ever.

eBook: How Digitalization and On-Demand Production is Reinventing the Fashion Industry

In order to keep up in the new, fast-paced environment, fashion retailers and manufacturers need to get a complete understanding of what’s happening in the industry and what solutions are available for them. Download our eBook to learn all about the challenges the industry is facing and what you can do to stay competitive.


Gerber Service maximizes your investment by guaranteeing that you get the support you need when you need it. We accomplish this through a global network of highly-skilled technical support staff.


Gerber Technology serves more than 78,000 customers in 134 countries around the world. If you are looking for a contact, please click on the link to find your Gerber Technology representative.


Gerber offers genuine replacement parts for all of its equipment. Our replacement parts and consumables like knives, sharpening stones, bristle block, paper and plastic are available for you. Take advantage of our Parts Online today.


DEVIL-DOG Dungarees

“Gerber Technology’s solutions are very integral to General Sportwear and our ability to execute down to the finest levels. We are very proud of the product we’re making, and Gerber’s solutions are what enable our factories to create such high-quality jeans.”

– Jeff Rosenstock,
President of General Sportwear