Accelerate pattern design.

  • Create double notch placement and notch multiple pieces at once to quickly indicate piece Turn notch shape display on and off for easy viewing of notch shapes applied to patterns.
  • Place, edit and grade images to your pattern pieces to drive your digital printing process.
  • Rely on the bookmarking feature to track original pattern and compare revisions.
  • Walk pattern pieces on screen using either internal or finished edge to ensure notch placement and proper sewing.
  • Prepare production patterns with easy-to-apply seam finishes.
  • Creating costing markers right in Pattern Design in a variety of fabric widths for quick estimates.
  • Dart, pleat, and fullness functions allow you to create complex styles, make changes easily and do advanced editing.
  • An enhanced explorer preview pane allows users to see pattern labels and edge finishes and allows models to be sorted by fabric types.
  • Use the power of Batch Processing for production operations like nesting and print file generation.
  • Create your Bill of Materials directly from patterns and share with your product life cycle management (PLM) software.
  • Track critical information like material utilization and costs in all stages of production.
  • Capitalize on your existing library of markers to accelerate piece placement in markers.
  • Enter fabric weight to calculate material costs more accurately, particularly with knit.

Enhance communication with colleagues and suppliers.

  • Track models according to production status with newly added Model Status Field in the Model Editor.
  • Import and export reports seamlessly with Excel and other standard formats.
  • Easily identify when multiple models are in PDS work area or marker making area with color fill.
  • Automatically calculate total cost and sum of all costs with new cost and quantity fields available in BOM.
  • Enhanced fabric tables offer customizable fields and common fields between other Gerber products.
  • Get customized Piece, Model and Marker reports with an easy-to-use report interface.
  • Take the guess work out of converting files of unknown origin with automatic detection of DXF format and guidance for conversion.

Simplify grading.

  • Use multi-dimensional grading as an easier alternative to alterations.
  • Proportional grading function added for quick grade capability.
  • Improved bookmark functionality allows users to revert to previous grading by saving both the graded nest of the pattern as well as the perimeter shape.
  • Reference existing grade rule libraries to quickly grade patterns.
  • Grading updates automatically as pattern changes are made, eliminating the need to re-grade pieces after modifications.
  • Share graded measure charts directly to PLM.
  • With pre-saved size code tables and alteration rules, AccuMark creates made-to-measure garments from basic sizes.

Accelerate marker making and maximize material utilization.

  • Easily generate markers with required production quantities, material widths, fabrics, colors and sizes.
  • Import orders from your ERP system and process automatically with Batch Processing.
  • Automatically add add splice marks to markers to assist during the spreading process.
  • Generate digital print files directly from AccuMark markers and pieces.
  • By integrating information between AccuMark and Gerber’s spreading and cutting systems, users significantly improve productivity in the cutting room and reduce errors caused by manual data entry.
  • AccuMark generates a bar code or QR code that contains the file name, material type and color, and number of plies needed for the spread. Spreader and cutter operators can then easily scan the code to locate the correct file to be spread and cut.
  • Transfer pattern and marker data to Gerber’s YuniquePLM® product life cycle management software or your ERP system.
  • Harness greater flexibility to import non-AccuMark file formats.
  • Customize and export reports in standard formats such as Microsoft® Excel®.
  • Share a work session with other AccuMark users to easily communicate pattern changes and style information.
  • Quickly create images of patterns and markers to use in tech packs.
  • Add annotation to individual pieces in any language to visually communicate pattern details.
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