Accelerate marker making.

  • Automatically nests costing and production markers to generate material utilization figures quickly and accurately.
  • Creates markers automatically for stripe and plaid materials, respecting piece constraints and matching lines.
  • Automatically completes partially laid markers– the operator has the flexibility to control the placement of critical parts and allows the system to nest remaining parts.
  • Apply pre-marking rules in nesting to capture manual piece layouts allowing for more complex markers to be automatically nested.

Increase profitability.

  • Respects all material constraints applied to pieces such as directional rotation, tilt allowances and spread constraints to ensure quality and minimize costly mistakes in the cutting room.
  • Groups pieces by size or bundle into sections to maintain proximity of pieces in the marker for shade variations.
  • Take advantage of unattended overnight processing to respond to peak demands without additional labor charges.
  • Uphold brand and product quality by pre defining unusable areas of the material to avoid nesting on material defects.

Improve job management using UltraQueue.

  • Included UltraQueue™ software allows you to submit markers from AccuMark® workstations to a holding queue for  Identify jobs in the queue for at-a-glance comparison of process times, marker lengths and yields.
  • Provides off-line processing to optimize marker making time.
  • MarkerViewer displays yard age and yields without the need for a marker making license.
  • Color-coded management view of all work in process and completed jobs allows users to see at a glance which markers are in what stages without having to open every marker being created or run a job report.
  • Export job queue to CSV file for reporting and administration.

Seamless integration.

  • Fully integrated with AccuMark and AccuMark batch processing functionality that accesses orders from an ERP system and processes them through to cutting without human.
  • Import model, piece and marker data from most common apparel CAD packages to generate or re-nest markers.
  • Full access to standard and SQL storage areas over LAN or WAN for flexible storage.

AccuNest may be added to an existing AccuMark software seat. The existing AccuMark software license must be updated to add AccuNest functionality. AccuNest can be installed on a PC without AccuMark software installed and it must be networked to at least one AccuMark system.

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