Increase efficiency.

  • Powerful digital cut ticket provides all the spreading and marking information to the GERBER cutters.
  • Robust database written in SQL Server.
  • Uses a powerful Marker Library, a statistical database built from sets of previously made markers.
  • Easily switch to cut planning by length or weight, quantifying fabric required in either format.
  • Uses AccuNest™ to draft markers on the fly, obtaining estimated length and efficiency information for pre-approvals.
  • Combine multiple fabric widths and colorways.
  • Improved work order workflow by eliminating the need for external programs such as Excel® sheets.
  • Offers matching and pant drops capabilities,as well as a more intelligent cut plan algorithm for specific product and fabric types (e.g. plaids and stripes and men’s suits).
  • Manage spreads more efficiently by visualizing how spreads are allocated to the cutting tables.
  • Easily generate markers when spreading in pairs while easily maintaining piece. sharing from cut planning to marker making.
  • Seamless communication with other Gerber products: AccuMark and AccuNest.

Save time and money.

  • Reduces production costs by automating marker.
  • Easily forecast over/underproduction based on.
  • Gain a more accurate picture of fabric consumption with the addition of fabric properties in the cut plan.
  • A built-in ROI calculator tool shows that AccuPlan more than pays for itself.
  • Merge multiple POs.
  • AccuPlan’s costing module is easy to set up and  Costing Reports can be run at any time. No need to recalculate a cut plan solution.
  • AccuPlan includes material weight in its final calculations.

Improve productivity.

  • Import multiple cut work orders from ERP systems, speeding up the process of cut planning containing multiple styles, fabrics and colors, and marker generation.
  • Improve fabric consumption with an automatic pre-estimate of best usage for roll leftovers.
  • Obtain desired results faster with manual cut plan interaction.
  • Get the statistics and data you need with easy configuration and personalized reports.
  • Bar codes have been incorporated to marking and spreading instructions to properly communicate with spreaders and cutters.
  • Production Tracker Report provides live production  Allows users to easily plan multiple POs together and report fabric consumption separately. Generate fabric required per material, styles, client and POs or by production plant.
  • Export Cut Plan Reports back to ERP.
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