Get up and running quickly on your new CutWorks® or AccuMark® system by digitizing your existing templates. Simply capture points around the perimeter of each piece and you’re ready to go.

Digitize existing templates quickly and easily.

You can quickly and efficiently input your existing templates into your CutWorks or AccuMark system using the GERBERdigitizer™. The Digitizer workstation consists of a digitizing table with menu and a 16-button cursor.

The system enables you to enter descriptive information about each template. All information is stored in the CAD system, where it is immediately ready for modification and nesting.

Part data is entered directly into the CAD system and is ready for editing and/or nesting.

Enjoy the flexibility to satisfy many pattern requirements.

  • Digitize parts directly from a nest.
  • Copy a part using rules from an existing piece.
  • Mirror a part along a horizontal line to ensure symmetry.
  • Digitize large parts in sections and join them together in the CAD system.
  • Add a true right angle to the perimeter of, or internal to, the part.
  • Digitize a part and add it to the perimeter of a master or parent piece.

In addition to piece perimeter, internal points and drill locations, you can also include:

  • Part identification data.
  • Notch type and location, a maximum of five different notches per piece.
  • Part labels and special point information, such as special instructions for the GERBERcutter® system.

GERBERdigitizer, AccuMark, CutWorks, and GERBERcutter are trademarks or registered trademarks of Gerber Technology, Inc.

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