The YuniquePLM Design Suite puts the power of PLM in the hands of your creative teams while allowing them to work with the tools they use every day. With a fully integrated suite of Adobe® plugins, Design Suite allows users to create, access and modify styles, color palettes, images and more directly into YuniquePLM without ever leaving Adobe Illustrator®. This makes design and development teams more efficient, while streamlining the entire process of delivering new products to market.

Designers can create new and access existing color palettes, including PANTONE® libraries, from YuniquePLM’s color folder to fill sketches right from Adobe Illustrator.

With image plugin, users can access all Adobe Illustrator digital designs (artwork, sketches, graphics, inspirational boards, detail sheets and CADs ) stored in YuniquePLM to view, modify or upload new images.

With style plugin, designers can create new styles from sketches directly in Adobe Illustrator. Any update made in Adobe Illustrator can be seen instantly in YuniquePLM.

YuniquePLM Design Suite reduces creative cycle times and promotes the adoption of YuniquePLM by design and development teams. It works seamlessly on Macs and PCs, and with Adobe Illustrator CC.

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