Ease of use.

KERI®, Gerber Paragon’s Knowledge Experience and Reference Interface, guides users through the cutting process so they learn to operate Gerber Paragon in only a few hours and can rely on its built-in intelligence to guide them through any cutting task.

Maximum throughput.

Quick, accurate set-up and self-adjusting cutting intelligence allow operators to start cutting faster and with greater efficiency. Better productivity and workflow increase your output of cut parts and shorten lead times.

Optimal first-run yield.

Gerber Paragon is intelligent enough to understand that there’s a fine balance between cut speed and part quality. It analyzes the requirements of each job and tailors parameters to maximize speed and optimize quality– delivering cut parts that are perfect the first time.

The Gerber service advantage™.

Gerber Service is around the corner and around the world to help ensure your Gerber systems are always operating at peak performance levels. Our global network of highly-skilled technical support professionals and field service engineers are committed to helping you improve your profitability.

Gerber staffs multiple customer solutions centers across the world to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week so help is never further than a phone call away.

Up time.

Simple design and intelligent engineering combine to deliver the most reliable cutting system on the market. And, with patent-pending Ever Sharp™ technology, users can replace knife sharpening stones in seconds and get up to three times more usable life than traditional stones.

Metrics that matter.

Gerber Paragon helps managers identify ways to streamline workflow processes by providing easy-to- understand metrics like total cutting time, idle time, time between jobs, total units cut and more.

Integrated data sharing.

Gerber Paragon’s integration with Gerber’s AccuMark® CAD and automated spreading systems means even more time savings, fewer errors and more visibility into work in process. Simply scan a bar code to retrieve a job’s specific parameters so there’s no need to search for a file and manually enter details like ply count and material type. This improves throughput, minimizes errors and enables managers to track work in progress with confidence.

Genuine Gerber parts.

To remain in optimum working condition, your Gerber system requires quality parts. When you purchase replacement parts and consumables directly from Gerber, you can be assured they were manufactured to exact specifications. Genuine Gerber parts are designed specifically for Gerber equipment and supported by Gerber Service professionals. And, with Gerber’s Parts Online system, you can place orders at any time of day and track your order in real time.

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