Engineered for Heavy and/or Large-Diameter Material Rolls

  • The GERBERspreader 250s spreads material rolls weighing up to 250 kg (550 lb.).
  • A large cradle option is available to accommodate rolls up to 120 cm in diameter.

Spreads Material Without Tension

  • Intelligent cradle feed system delivers tension-free spreading for the entire lay.

Maximizes Material Utilization

  • The system is equipped with adjustable infrared photocells to ensure accurate selvage edge alignment.
  • Precision end alignment technology eliminates end loss.

Fast and Safe

  • Spreads material at speeds up to 100 meters per minute.
  • To uphold worker safety, the spreader’s cradle feed system is equipped with an electric cradle tilt that enables fast and easy loading/unloading and threading/ rewinding of material rolls.
  • An optional loading system lifts heavy fabric rolls from the floor to the spreader cradle and vice versa making it easy and safe to load and unload rolls.
  • Sensors located on both sides of the GERBERspreader immediately halt the system when an obstacle is in its path.
  • The system complies with CE safety standards.


  • The system is available in widths of 160 cm (63 in.), 180 cm (71 in.), 200 cm (79 in.) and 220 cm (87 in.).
  • Available for left- or right-hand operation.
  • Fixed or movable end catchers available.
  • Optional accessories are offered for spreading reverse-wound or flat folded material and for spreading material face-to-face.

Built-in Intelligence

  • To accelerate operator training and minimize set up time, the system is operated using a touch screen panel that guides the user to input marker lengths and overlap/splice points.
  • A multi-function throttle enables the operator to control threading/rewinding/ cutting of material and the start/stop of spreading with one hand.
  • The system stores up to 10 custom fabric settings and can step spread up to 50 markers (sections) and 50 colors.
  • A variable speed, two-way cutting device intelligently lifts automatically to accommodate thicker spreads.

Provides Business-Critical Data

  • The system compiles data on amount of material used in a roll and amount lost to defects or flaws.

Backed by a Global Support Network

  • Gerber service protects your investment by ensuring that your Gerber systems are running at peak performance levels. We accomplish this through a global network of highly- skilled technical support staff and by providing the most comprehensive service offerings, highest-quality consumables and aftermarket products available.

Supported Spreading Modes

  • One way face up.
  • Face to face with end catchers (optional zigzag accessory needed).

Single Source for Cutting Room Automation

  • The GERBERspreader 250s is designed to integrate seamlessly with Gerber’s I model static (air flotation) and C model conveyor spreading tables, which, when combined with Gerber’s industry-leading cutting systems, delivers a total cutting room solution.
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