Create custom orders for a perfect fit.

Maximize throughput of highly-tailored garments.

  • Alters model based on an individual’s style choices and measurements.
  • Can use measurements derived from high-tech 3D body scanners or low-tech tape measures.
  • Creates AccuMark orders, models and size codes based on unique customer requirements.
  • Features a customizeable database to meet your unique product requirements and maximize throughput without need for additional personnel.

Simplify your business processes.

  • Provides information management tools for querying orders by customer name or any other order detail.
  • Expert software decreases reliance on highly-skilled operators.
  • Imports order information from various sources, including ERP systems and web pages.

Reduce time to market.

  • Automates order selection and decision making using powerful knowledge-based rules.
  • Automates the “blue pencil” alterations.
  • Batch processing of work automates and expedites work in progress.
  • Generates and exports cut data automatically.
  • Combines with AccuNest™ for automated marker making to maximize productivity and material savings.

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