Put the Power of “I” To Work For You.

Discover how the innovative design and improved engineering of the Gerber I-Table Series can help you optimize your operations, increase efficiencies — and make you a smooth operator.

Available in five table widths, the

I-Table’s flexible design framework makes it an intelligent solution when spreading manually or automatically. And it really shines when transporting your material to an automated cutter via dynamic airflow, making the perfect complement to our high-quality cutters and delivering an integrated, total quality solution that enhances efficiencies and boosts productivity.

Built To Deliver, Top To Bottom.

  • 1 mm laminate on table top maximizes surface life by minimizing deep scratches and chipping associated with manual spreading and cutting.
  • 27 mm chipboard table substructure resists warping and ensures a flat table after many years of operation.
  • Construction-grade steel provides a stable base platform that supports up to 250 kg capacity spreaders.

Smooth Operation, Made Easy.

  • Precision-mating strips minimize snags by seamlessly integrating separate sections, allowing fabric to move smoothly across sections, and prevent hand-cutting blades from getting caught and damaging uneven seams.
  • Jack leg assemblies make it easy for just one person to adjust to accommodate a wide range of table heights.
  • A new PVC coupling design eliminates glue to make re configuring your tables simple, while still maximizing airflow.
  • A completely integrated air box allows consistent airflow across the whole table and helps to easily move heavy spreads down the table.This is critical to ensure proper alignment to an automatic cutter.
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